Spectralink Update session May 26th

26/05/15 09:30 – 26/05/15 13:00 Westcon Office Vilvoorde - Medialaan 28b - 1800 Vilvoorde

Location :Westcon Office Vilvoorde - Medialaan 28b - 1800 Vilvoorde

In the last few years, many businesses have made smartphones the device of choice, however in the world of enterprise it has proven that smartphones can’t deliver the high quality voice needed when working verticals such as healthcare, retail or manufacturing.

To avoid the challenges with BOYD and poor voice quality these mobile workers need a purpose-built mobile communications device built on a system that ensures superior voice quality, and that can handle the rigors of their different environments

Sign up for our seminar where you can learn how to identify workers who will need more than a smartphone to handle the demands of their job, and some of the benefits Spectralink’s wireless purpose-built devices can offer instead.

Certify on-line immediately after the session

If you want you can immediately take the exam for sales certification and be ready to sell SPECTRALINK. We will make sure that during the session you get all necessary info for certification.
Bring your laptop if you want to certify immediately after the session.